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Online Learning: Be productive than just busy!

“It’s not knowing what to do; it’s doing what you know.”

-Tony Robbins, American author, coach, speaker, and philanthropist

Being productive at home has become increasingly important as the world has gone online; this is particularly true for everyone taking online classes. You should be aware that staying active allows you to do more with less time. Wouldn't it be nice to be free of your computer? We've got you covered. Working remotely online is not a modern phenomenon, despite the fact that the insane reality of the planet has forced more of us into it than ever before. It's been around for a decade now.

Although professionals may find it difficult to persuade their employers that they are just as, if not more, effective at home than they are at work, there is another group of people who have recently been moved online and who are more than capable of thriving in this environment: the self-employed. The student in college. Although some schools have adapted and thrived prior to the Coronavirus, others are only now being forced to adapt their educational systems to a more online-friendly educational system.

Make a schedule for yourself – and actually follow it.

This is perhaps the most difficult tip to implement. With an infinite number of hours ahead of you and the benefit (and possibly curse) of online learning, you can complete your homework, eat, and sleep on your own time. This makes it seem like putting off the midterm paper until 2 a.m. so you can keep binge-watching Tiger King isn't such a bad idea.

After all, what are your plans for the morning of tomorrow? This is precisely the kind of thought you're trying to prevent, because it leads to a never-ending period of procrastination. When 2 a.m. becomes 3 a.m., 3 a.m. becomes 4 a.m., and then it's 9 p.m. the next day and you're in the same place as the day before, you've got an issue.

Take the time to sit down and make a rough schedule. Set aside time to sit down and complete classwork and assignments, and then stick to it. Even if it's unofficial, having a job schedule may fool the brain into thinking there's more structure to the day than social distancing usually offers.

Create a workspace for yourself.

The division between work and “normal” life is often manifested by confining work to campus, the library, or another favourite study spot. The inability to visit these locations ultimately blurs the boundary between work and personal life.

Make an effort to set aside a space that is solely for work. The bed, as comfortable as it is, is not the best place to work on a regular basis.

Remove distractions – which means your phone.

We understand how difficult this is. It's difficult to give up messaging in your group chat, even if only for an hour, because you don't have much social contact outside of your family right now. It's obvious that your phone would be the most distracting factor in your office. You'll be more concentrated and get more work done if you set it aside and put it on do-not-disturb mode.

Here's how to get rid of the annoyances.

· Set your timers. Give yourself ten minutes to check your phone and go on social media for every 50 minutes you research or work.

· To avoid being tempted to check your phone, put it on silent mode.

· Delete all other possible distractions as well, such as televisions, iPads, and even your dog if he isn't ready to be quiet and sleep.

· Make a plan for yourself.

How Adhyaapan helps you

Here, Adhyaapan will be more than happy to carry on the online teaching as we don’t burden students with continuous classes or online sessions. A specific schedule is maintained where the student’s understanding capability and productivity is taken into consideration. We believe in quality learning and not rote-learning, hence the syllabus designed by us for the early school goers of 8th, 9th and 10th grade can relate the content to their school syllabus and also get a sense of reality of how the industry will be in the coming years of their life.

Adhyaapan’s unique learning pedagogy involves experiential learning, wherein students learn by doing. Students are counselled on their interests which rises curiosity for them, where in turn we help the students with the right career pathway. Connecting industry concepts with the school syllabus is our art, where students can explore their interests and be more curious to learn.

As Adhyaapan’s mission is “To create an inclusive ecosystem where industry experts complement educators' pedagogical initiatives and guide budding young minds towards better career pathways.

Let us know your methods to stay productive online in the comments below.

Also, suggest some ways by which YOU stay away distractions to remain productive (one of the most searched questions on google) xD.

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