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Chalk and Challenges: Virtual difficulties for educators

“Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges.” – Joyce Meyer

Teacher’s self-efficacy is the belief they have in their abilities, specifically to meet the challenges ahead and to increase the rate of students’ learning even when they face obstacles (Ross & Bruce, 2007). All of us understand the value of the academic journey of students’ life and this period is as difficult as roller coasters, in the same way for the teachers, who have the onus for the development and growth of the students individually. At the same time, they do realize the gravity of students' mental health, their achievements, and their efforts, but they play an equally significant role.

I like to stop you all for a moment and give it a thought about teachers, gurus, or guides, who work all day, prepare the lectures and ready to take the flight to make student like you a better person, encourage re-correcting our mistakes and pushes towards the ambitions that we choose to become. Teachers in virtual classrooms may not have the joy of seeing that light bulb moment when a child learns something, for example, so it takes a very purposeful and strategic effort to remain a powerful driver for individual employee motivation. Even teachers themselves sometimes forget the importance of motivating themselves within the profession.

Committed to meaningful, relevant, and timely professional development makes them much more likely to have a positive attitude towards their learning experiences. There were also concerns as to whether or not some teachers were able to concentrate at home especially if they were being expected to look after all the chores as well as the job responsibilities.

The new mode of teaching:

However, teachers and students are new to the concept of e-learning and e-teaching, but more specifically, teachers face certain challenges in the use of technology. Their level of comprehension is a little slower than that of the younger generation. Online environments for teaching and learning can be efficient, but only when the conditions under which teachers can successfully pursue teaching are known. In this new era of education, the students study from home or any other place that is most convenient for them. The study materials in online education could be texts, audio, notes, videos, and images. However, the method of study has its benefits and various drawbacks too.

The hitches faced by a teacher during virtual classes:

· To keep up the motivation of students:

Now that they’re learning from home and not even in a physical classroom, have no control is the challenge, becomes even bigger for teachers when it comes to the motivation of students in this virtual period. Their attention and learning is very crucial and that responsibility is on the shoulders of our instructors.

· The two-way communication:

In online classes, it has been seen that there is only one-way communication, where teachers are only explaining the concept. Students are not participative enough to answer or ask any questions in the class. This is also creating dullness for the teachers as they are not aware that whether the student is able to understand the concept or not.

· Monitoring on each individual is difficult

In an online classroom, much of the learning occurs in an asynchronous fashion, and students often feel disconnected from their instructor and peers. It can be difficult for teachers to teach online when they struggle to evaluate how students comprehend the course content, and whether they are participating in learning experiences or not.

· The network connection:

It is the only source of the medium on which the whole virtual classes rely on. The glitches and the poor quality of the internet are the barriers to teaching online. Due to which the rhythm, as well as the concentration, affects the whole atmosphere. Not only that but the flow and rhythm of teaching disrupt.

The strategies which can decipher:

  • · In online learning environments, it’s important to help students engage with course material in a way that makes sense for them. Providing them with ample flexible opportunities to reinforce course concepts will ensure learning.

  • Feedback loops are the key to building strong connections with learners in an online environment. When students complete a task, they get feedback and make adjustments accordingly. Feedback is meant to be non-evaluative and focused on a specific course learning objective.

  • · Some online learning platforms also offer weekly course reports to track student comprehension, outlining where they performed well and where they need more work. This can make it easier to identify students who are struggling and allows faculty to reach out with additional resources and support.

  • · Problem-based learning is a collaborative learning strategy that gives students the opportunity to apply course material to real-world case studies in small groups. This method, whether used in group learning or individually, helps students build upon their creativity and critical thinking skills.

The seismic shift in the education system due to the pandemic hasn’t been easy but is definitely bringing up a myriad of opportunities in the teaching and learning space

The result of all motivational dimensions will affect any professional activity (i.e., teachers’ jobs) in a specific way. The evaluation, rewards, and applause of the administration and students are those who, in one way or another, increase self-efficiency and motivation. The teachers feel that their hard work was accomplished. Strong school leadership will be essential for all of these tasks. The post-COVID-19 phase will provide many opportunities for “Build Back Better” that enhance quality and fairness in school systems.

Adhyaapan’s Role:

Here at Adhyaapan, they comprehend the power of training and understand the significance of a good teacher in a student’s life. This association has a remarkable vision, by offering freedoms to individuals having experience in various fields where they can direct, clarify, and furthermore express the current realities or measures of that specific field to the students by conducting online sessions. This drive has truly caused me to feel that one ought to have lucidity while picking the profession with every one of the angles.

Let us know your reviews, whether you want to go with "chalk and talk" tradition or “Modern learning with activity-based and exhibiting procedures by a specialist in a specific field?”

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gul kush
gul kush
Jun 07, 2021

Very interesting


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vineet agarwal
Jun 06, 2021


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