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A tech-based learning transformation ecosystem  


Application Based Pedagogy

Holistic Curriculum

Career Focussed

Regional Language Education

Census 2011 unfolds low "quality education" rates for females and disabled children respectively at 
25% & 53%

TOI reports India's Industry-academia linkage score
to be a mere 

4.7 out of 10

A TimesJobs Survey reveals India's job satisfaction rate at a record low of

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About us

Curiosity | Cognizance | Careers

Adhyaapan is creating an inclusive ecosystem for students, schools and homeschooling communities to deliver interdisciplinary, application-based, career-focussed learning to students at an affordable cost. Create a curious and innovative group of students who are aware of what career they want to pursue.

Adhyaapan's Learning Transformation Program is currently delivered through Live Online Sessions for our partner schools. The program will soon be directly available for students and homeschooling communities through our smartphone application. 

Our Mission

To create an inclusive ecosystem where the curiosity of budding young minds is kindled through an application-based pedagogy and are guided to make informed career choices.

Students at School
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Learning Transformation  Program

Adhyaapan's tech-driven Learning Transformation Program imparts the true essence of school education using interdisciplinary, application-based and career focussed learning for the following users:

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Industry Expert Signup

Join us
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Adhyaapan's Highlighted Session

Who are we
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Meet the Team

The passionate team at Adhyaapan is a small family of young professionals with an objective of revolutionising the learning ecosystem in India 

Arjun Vijayanarayanan

Founder & CEO

Arjun Vijayanarayanan is an aviation/aerospace industry professional with work experience in design, integration, certification and project management from companies such as Boeing, Gulfstream, GDC Technics and Viasat, Inc. Arjun has two Master of Science degrees in Aerospace Engineering & Human Factors & Systems from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Florida.

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